Below is a summary of all the conversion goal types currently available in Split Hero and an explanation of how they work with a use case example.

Page Conversion

Select a page in WordPress to be your conversion goal trigger. This could be a 'thank you' page after a contact form submission or a successful checkout page from WooCommerce.

Button Conversion

If your goal is to measure the number of users who click on a specific button or any one of a collection of buttons, then this conversion goal type is for you. This is particularly useful for affiliate marketers who want to split test the click-through rate of their content.

Shortcode Conversion

The conversion goal shortcode can be placed anywhere on the site and is not visible to the user. Once the user lands where you've placed the shortcode, that will trigger a conversion in your campaign. This is a must for Contact Forms that use AJAX for their submissions and display a thank you message vs going to a thank you page. You would place the shortcode at the bottom of the thank you message.

External Conversion - Coming Soon

We are working on integrating several third party services such as Thrive Cart. This option will be perfect for those kinds of services making Split Hero a more robust solution to your split testing needs.